Why Offsite Data Protection

Business Continuity
The Disaster Recovery Institute finds that the majority of businesses who experience a serious loss of critical data fail within two years.

Our Media Vault is located in a highly secure, fire resistant environment. Security includes video surveillance, dry valve fire suppression, monitored intrusion alarms, and strict standard operating procedures. We are the only NAID certified storage provider in North Dakota.

Environmental Controls
Our Media Vault is designed to provide a clean, climate controlled environment. Temperature and humidity are maintained within established ranges to protect digital media formats.

Inventory Tracking
Record Keepers utilizes state of the art software and barcode technology to track client inventories. Along with our strict operating procedures, these tools ensure accuracy, accountability, and reliability in protecting the media.

Computer disasters don't always happen during "normal" business hours. That's why your media stored with us is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether you want scheduled pickup and delivery or on call service when disaster strikes, we're here for your needs.

​Properly Insured

We are insured by Downstream Data Coverage, the professional liability insurance which only the best data-related service providers carry to protect themselves and to ensure they can cover their financial liabilities to their clients. Any data-related service provider that does not carry this coverage not only puts themselves at risk, they also leave their customer exposed

*Media Vault Service Not Available in Bismarck

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