Record Keepers makes destroying electronically stored information easy. Using specifically purposed equipment, we shred hard drives reducing them to small pieces that are impossible to reconstruct. Our process is fast, inexpensive, and destruction of your information is certain. Our process and destruction method has been evaluated and awarded AAA Certification status by the National Association for Information Destruction, making Record Keepers the first company in North Dakota to be certified for Hard Drive Destruction. 

When it comes to destroying information stored in our computers and other electronic devices many consumers are not sure what to do. These devices can contain thousands, perhaps millions, of sensitive documents or confidential items making it imperative they be properly destroyed, but what is the best way to do that?

There are really only two ways information stored this way can be destroyed: You can either "erase" the information, or destroy the device that holds it to a level where repair or reconstruction is not feasible. 

Erasing the information is not as simple as deleting the files,as that only removes the path or directory to the file.To erase the information they hold, hard drives and other storage devices can be overwritten or degaussed, both of which are effective methods if done properly. Unfortunately, these processes are expensive and time consuming, and they require separate validation that the information is actually gone. Think of it this way: If erasing information was fast, efficient, and effective you would erase your paper documents rather than shred them.

Trust Record Keepers, the area's records management experts since 1993, to destroy the business records you no longer need completely, quickly, and inexpensively.

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